Happy Mooncake Festival 2009

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Happy Mooncake Festival

Hi all!~ Happy Mooncake Festival. Nice fish rite? I got that for my sister. Boy, the prices has gone sky high. I remember I used to buy those fish at RM2 per piece. I had to pay RM 11.50 for the fish above. Those were the days. When I was growing up, like all children, we look forward to celebrate Mooncake Festival. Why? Well…Back those days, we like to play with fire, that s why. LOL. We used to gather dry sticks and leaves around evening time, and by nitefall, we have a nice small bonfire/campfire and we will chat the nite away. Of course we used to play with Tanglung aka lanterns too back then. I remembered my first Tanglung very well. It was a big fish. It s something like the fighting fish/bettas. Colourful. I also had my fair share of who has the best tanglungs of all. I had a dragon tanglung once. It was a premium tanglung back then LOL. Hahah. Now I remembered something. You know those tin susu pekat? Stick a candle inside and voila, you will have an instant torch light. Mom made me a DIY tanglung too. She used the Milo tin and cut small strips on the tin. Bend it and voila..Another lantern. Nice nice. I miss those days. My street where I live now no longer is what it used to be.  All have grown up and moved on. How I wish we never grow old..Happy Mooncake Festival!~


Event: Gala Launch Malaysia International Gourmet Festival 2009

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I attended the Gala Launch of the Malaysia International Gourmet Festival 2009 two days ago.  It was held at the brand new Royale Chulan Hotel. I had a hard time looking for it as my Garmin Nuvi 200 did not have it coordinates. In fact, I couldnt find my way to Jalan Conlay despite having passed by the road numerous times 😛 I got there pretty early as I finished work around 430 pm. The event started around 8 pm. Workers were busy putting on the finishing touches.

Arriving celebrities and VIP dignitaries posed like Hollywood stars in front of the MIGF 2009 Glory Panels, before the noise of the kompang announced the arrival of the Guest of Honour, the Mayor of Kuala Lumpur, YBhg Dato’ Ahmad Fuad Ismail, and Most Distinguished Guest, Dr. Junaida Lee Abdullah, Deputy Secretary General of Tourism Malaysia representing the Minister of Tourism, who is overseas on a visit to China. They were greeted by the Festival Organising YBhg Chairman Dato’ Steve Day. Dato’ Steve Day is one real cool fella. He is very passionate about Malaysia’s Food industry. The event was attended by alot of foreigners and Dato’s Steve urged them to try out Malaysia’s hawkers food. Cool! But that aside, he gave a really frank comment. Fine Dining has long been associated with the rich. He wants fine dining to be more accessible to all people from all walks of life.

MIGF 2009

Press Conference

MIGF 2009

Opening speech by Dato’ Steve Day

I didnt have much chance to shoot inside the main exhibition area as I was busy shooting elsewhere. But from what I heard, surrounding the stage were stations representing all the 24 participating restaurants of the Festival. Guests were treated to exotic creations from each of the Master Chef’s special Festival Menus.

MIGF 2009

Lovely Guests

MIGF 2009

Chef Wan and Friends

MIGF 2009

Lovely ladies

MIGF 2009

Here is some write up I picked up from the official web:

“This was the 9th consecutive Festival organised by AsiaReach Events, and the Festival is now a staple in Tourism Malaysia’s Fabulous Food One Malaysia programme. Over the next 30 days, diners have the chance to indulge in 24 Special Festival Menus at very special Festival prices. Festival Restaurants have also created numerous Festival Offers, including discounts on beverages, hotel rooms, and block bookings, as well door gifts and unique promotions. There’s simply no excuse not to dine out this month!”

The Malaysia International Gourmet Festival runs from the 1st of October till the 30th of October. Time to dine folks!~

MIGF 2009


MIGF 2009

This guys lighten up the guests

MIGF 2009

Must pose for group photo geh..

Black Eye Peas

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Fiona came to the workshop sporting a nice sleeveless top. But that was not the thing that attracted my attention. My eyes were scrutinizing her both shoulder blades. I said “Fiona! Tattoo ar?” She said “No!!~ I went to the Black Eye Peas  party yesterday and they autographed my shoulders!” Hehehe, thanks for sharing. She went on to party that day after Jerry Ghionis Seminar at Sunway Surf Beach. Here are the two photos I managed to take of her shoulders. 😛

Black Eye Peas Autograph

I cant tell whose signature is that. Will ask her later.

Black Eye Peas Autograph

Jerry Ghionis Seminar- Kuala Lumpur

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Woot again!!! I attended Jerry Ghionis Seminar recently. Here is a brief intro from his website:-

Jerry Ghionis started his professional career in 1994 and has emerged as one of the most influential wedding photographers of the 21st century. Australian born and of Greek heritage, he is based in Melbourne, Australia and travels frequently on international assignments.

He was obsessed with photography after he was given his first camera at the age of fifteen. After completing high school in 1990, Jerry started a four year photography course and quit after a year as he was tired of his teachers trying to teach him to save the world with one photograph.

In 1994, at the age of 20, he married Georgina who was 18 at the time. After working at a few camera retail stores, Jerry approached a popular studio in Melbourne and offered to work for no pay on weekends and did so for the next year. He soon adopted the role as studio manager and principal photographer. Eager to spread his wings, Jerry started his own business in 1997 and has since been the backbone of one of Australia’s largest and most respected studios.

In 2004, Jerry was bestowed the title of Master of Photography by the A.I.P.P. (Australian Institute of Professional Photography) With an uncompromising pursuit for excellence, Jerry’s success can be attributed to consistency and the constant reinvention of himself and his company. With his biggest reinvention to date, Jerry launched his new boutique studio in 2008 that bears his name in the prestigious Docklands precinct of Victoria Harbour in Melbourne and caters to discerning clients who only demand the best.

Continuing to raise the bar and push the photography industry, Jerry stamps a recognizable and unique style with everything he photographs. His versatility extends to the wedding, portrait and fashion fields. With the flair of a fashion designer and the ingenuity of an architect, his style can be described where vintage glamour meets contemporary fashion.

In 2007 alone, he was the only Australian named as one of the Top Ten Wedding Photographers in the world by American Photo magazine and was named an “Icon of Imaging” by Microsoft. He was the only photographer outside the U.S. to be named an Icon and is one of 13 people in the world to be included in the coveted list of photography pioneers. In 2009 Jerry won his 6th International Wedding Album of the Year Award at W.P.P.I. (Wedding and Portrait Photographers International) among 8 awards as well as being named by WPPI as one of the top 5 Wedding photographers in the World.

Jerry submitted 4 albums into the 2007 PPA (Professional Photographers of America) Wedding Album of the Year competition. Not only did Jerry win first place but had all albums placed in the top ten; a feat unprecedented in the history of PPA. All entries made the loan collection and made Jerry only one of 7 recipients of the Diamond level Photographer of the Year Award to add to his long list of accolades. Jerry repeated this feat with all four of his 2008 album entries making the Top Ten of the year as well as receiving his consecutive Diamond level Photographer of the Year Award.

Jerry has twice won the A.I.P.P. State Wedding and Professional Photographer of the Year Awards and many others at State and National levels respectively.

Jerry has been featured in articles published in American Photo, Rangefinder, Professional Photographer, Pro Photo, Image Maker, Capture, The Age, The Sun, The City Weekly and many others. His images have graced the covers of over thirty magazines and countless fashion editorials. His regular articles in Australia’s Better Photography magazine shows his innate ability to turn ordinary situations into extraordinary images.

Emerging as the undisputed leader of a new generation of photographers, Jerry has the rare gift of being a celebrated artist, a natural entrepreneur and an inspirational teacher. He continues to raise the benchmark of excellence as an artist who is admired and respected by his peers and loved by his clients.  As a dynamic public speaker, Jerry inspires and educates fellow professional photographers all over the world with his passionate approach to photography and his natural business acumen that has made him a leader in the photography industry. His educational website the i.c.e.society.com has set the standard for online learning and his various other educational products have inspired photographers from all over the world.

He realizes that he can’t save the world with one photograph but can change the world, one photograph at a time.

Jerry is available for wedding, portrait, fashion, special event and speaking engagements anywhere in the world.

See Jerry’s work at www.jerryghionisphotography.com

Jerry Ghionis Seminar- Kuala Lumpur

Jerry Ghionis Brochure

Jerry Ghionis Seminar- Kuala Lumpur

Must take photo!~ 😛

Jerry Ghionis Seminar- Kuala Lumpur

Some of the products on sale

My New Home!~

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Like any new couple, we bought a property of our own sometime ago. We are pretty excited coz we have always wanted our own shack and privacy. The condominium that we bought is nearby to my parents home. This is to ensure that just in case of any emergencies, I can be there in a jiffy. The property is almost ready and we are equally excited. We took a quick visit to the place few days ago. We were very happy with what we saw. Want to hear a joke? I totally got my house layout wrong. When I got there, I asked the contractor, you sure this is my unit? LOL. I even had to call back and check with my dad. Anyhow, I am truly thankful to God and my family/frens to be able to purchase this unit. Love it guys! Share with you some pics.

My Home!~

View from the Balcony

My Home!~

Closer look. Both pics were cropped to eliminate the distortion problem

My Home!~

The simple kitchen and  Cabinets 🙂

Trip: Bangkok Part 5

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Wat Pho Temple

Wat Pho

Trips to Thailand is never complete unless you visits the Buddhist temples. We managed to visit only one temple, Wat Pho. To reach Wat Pho, if you are staying in Sukhumvit area, take the Ratchathewi BTS to Saphan Taksin BTS. From there follow the signboards to the Chao Phraya River boat services. Now pls do not repeat the mistake that we did. Do NOT buy the one day unlimited pass (150 baht/person) which was practically much much more expensive. Just wait for the boat to arrive and hop on. Do not get into the wrong boat either. There is also one boat ferrying people to the other side of the river. Get the boat that is goin up the river. Once you are on the boat, wait for a lady with a silver pencil box type of container to approach you. State your destination and pay the fee required (Usually around 20 baht). The boat will stop at few piers to pick and let people off. To get to the Wat Pho Temple, you will be required to disembark at the Thien Pier. Do wait coz the boat moves on and off pretty fast. Once you get off the boat, wall along the pier till you exit the area. You will see some shops on your right and some food stalls on your left. Walk about 30 metres ahead and you will see Wat Pho.

Go into Wat Pho grounds via the main gate. You will see directive signs to the reclining Buddha. You ll have to purchase a ticket to get into the reclining Buddha temple. If I remembered correctly, the charges is 50 baht. Pls be reminded that you are not allowed to wear slippers/shoes inside the temple. Remove them and place at the racks provided. Funny thing here is..There is a rack for Thai people and a ‘separate’ rack for tourists. I dont understand the logic for doin so. After checking out the reclining Buddha, we walked around the temple ground. It is huge and plenty of mini temples. Do wear a hat coz it is pretty hot. Oh yeah..Dont forget your water too. Do not pay more than 10 baht for a small bottle of mineral water. Sometimes, they rip the tourist off 😛

Wat Pho Temple

Respect the culture and religion

Wat Pho Temple

Do not enter places where you are not allowed to..

Wat Pho Temple

The gigantic feet of the reclining Buddha

Wat Pho Temple

Tourist giving alm

Wat Pho Temple

Huge reclining Buddha. The biggest in Thailand.

Trip: Bangkok Part 4

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Mask Rider Jason

Mask Rider Yee Woon

The H1N1 pandemic got us worried before the trip. But we were well prepared. Wifey bought a box of three ply mask just in case. We used it while traveling in crowded area eg. BTS, Chatuchak and some malls. The thing that baffled us was..Not many were wearing mask. In the BTS aka LRT, we were the only wearing masks. Hence we had to do something, we decided to fake some coughing LOL. Here are two shots of us in masks.