E71: Dead LCD

My Nokia E71 LCD gave way yesterday. Damn!~ *pulls my hair* I bought the phone few months ago from a fellow Low Yat Net kaki. It was barely few months old when I got it. And the warranty was covered by Avaxx. I have sent the phone to Nokia Care 1 Utama some months ago for firmware upgrading. And when I saw the faulty LCD, I was worried that the warranty has expired. A typical LCD replacement would have set me back around RM 200 plus? I brought the phone to my friend’s place in Desa Parkcity to have the LCD checked out. Can you imagine my relief when I saw there is still ONE more month of warranty. Almost immediately I move on to Nokia Care Centre in 1 Utama. When I got there, another relief as they did a check on the system and presto! My name is there. Yes! Was to collect my phone in two hours. But I left, coz I had to rush back to Brem Mall to shoot Hong Kong singer/artist Joey Yung. Dont worry. Pics will be posted later 😀


The E71 looks fine here but……


The freaking LCD is DEAD!!~ Distortion… 😦


~ by beyond on October 12, 2009.

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