Event: Leica Premier Event

Leica Premiere Event

Expensive but freaking good glass

Woot! Schmidt Marketing organized a Leica Premier Event at Carcosa Seri Negara a few days ago to launch the much awaited for Leica M9, Leica S2 and Leica X1. Thanks to them, Maxby called and said I was invited to the afternoon session. Hahaha. Historic launch it was because the digital FULL frame was much anticipated. I wouldn’t say M8 users are not happy with it, but most voiced out about the crop factor. M users will tell you that they are not really used to the crop factor. So most of us are really happy with the news of M9.First impression, the M9 retains the old M form. Lovely to hold. Lacking a film advance lever as the M8. I wished they have included that lever, that would have retain the 100% film feel. However, I find myself do not really fancy the M9. Why? The LCD is bad. It gives me Nikon D70 feel. Perhaps I love film. That is why I still fancy my M6. Am looking for a Leica IIIf by the way.

Leica Premiere Event


Leica also came out with a Medium Format camera , S2. This is a good news and I hope the S2 will give Hasselblad a run for their money. I managed to take a test pic with the S2, and I must say..It s pretty huge. Imagine a Fat Nikon F5 😛 Took a pic and found out it take a long time to process the pic. Of course it does. The pic I took was a whopping 32 MB. The green illuminator screen was pretty cool. First impression of the user interface, it seems easy but the one I held If I am not mistaken, I think is not a final product. Hope Leica will iron out the flaws by then. I didnt get to try out the Leica X1. But I heard it is not cheap, RM7000? Here are some pics.

Leica Premiere Event

My test shot. Fiona with Mr Surnil

Leica Premiere Event

Leica S2

Leica Premiere Event

Huge thing!

Leica Premiere Event

Can you spot my signature?


~ by beyond on October 10, 2009.

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