IKEA: Tertial Light

My wife and me went for jalan jalan yesterday nite. We went to Ikea. There was no plan to buy anything actually. But being a shopaholic, I ended up with something. I bought a flexible table light, Tertial. I dunno what brand it is ler but Swedish made lo.  Why did I bought it? Well, it was retailing around RM80-90 last year. It s was on offer for RM 36.90. Apa lagi? Tapau la!! But no bulbs were provided. I had to buy. Now bulbs are not cheap. The bulbs are ‘energy-safe’ type, 11w. Now the best story of nite was..When I got home, I got the thing set up. Unfortunately, the bulb doesnt fit at all! Damn, they placed the wrong bulb model beside the light. *Ikea, u guys got to buck up lar* So today, I had to head over to Ikea and had it changed. But then again..The light is yellow. Not my cup of tea.




Wrong bulb. The correct version should be E27.


My working desk and light (Pictured with a white bulb)


~ by beyond on October 9, 2009.

7 Responses to “IKEA: Tertial Light”

  1. Oooo… I have the same lamp as well and I use in for photo shoot. Very good for photo shoot.

  2. Beautiful photographs, the illuminted desk is really nice. As for IKEA here is what I think…


  3. The bulb can chage to white mar. Just go to ACE hardware n get daylight white bulb.

  4. The bulbs all universal 1. I’m using Ikea table lamps too. All changed to white light bought from ACE. The yellow light for reading ar…………eye pain man. LOL

    • Ah..Dang..I should not have bought the bulbs from ikea then. They forced consumers to buy in a pair which cost RM39.90 and they arent even reading lite.

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