Visit to Singapore

Finally..After 27 years..I finally got to visit Singapore. I still remember the days where I stand on the bridge..Trying hard to peer into and wondered what is like over the
ANyway..Thanks to Anderson and Joy who both provided accomodation and logistic, me and Yee Woon got to tag along to Singapore.
Having ‘tin kai chuk’. Accodording to Anderson, this shop is
very famous for the tin kai chuk. At least RM 10 per head.
Yum YUm…The frogs were skinned and were cook ala ‘kung po’
style. And then it is mixed with the porriedge.
Anderson and Joy
Anderson and his Dad
We reached JB around 11.30 pm on Fri nite. Headed to the ‘tin kai chuk’ shop after droppin Boy at his parents house. And then we turned in for the nite. Next morning we went for dimsum at this KaK Kak dimsum shop. Very nice.
THe banner..Great Singapore Sale!
Anderson and ME

One thing that really strucked me was the buildings..Sg may be small..but the achitecture works are sure good and well designed

Something I havent seen..Sg taxis.

Had a plesant experince with sg taxis. Unlike Malaysia, the taxis do Q and wait for customers. THey do not refuse customers and they will charge by the meter. Taxis are mostly old but well maintained Toyota Crown. Toyota Crown is an ideal taxi due to big leg spaces. It was a comfortable ride.

One of the kiosk that I keep seeing there. They sell very nice curry puffs.

Obey the Law or Face Prosecution

One thing which I really respect Singaporeans are the fact that they really obey the law.Take the above for example. There are no double parking on the streets. Not to say that the area is not congested with traffic. Mind u..That shopping area that we went to..It is about 5 times our Bukit Bintang area. However..I did encounter some Kiasu-land attitude. Also..I would like to highlight here is..Singapore chics really do present themselves well. I would rate 80 % of the gals I see are pretty.

The cab here are not fixed to one colour. The diff colour denotes diff company

IN front of Level One

Yee Woon and JOy

I saw something intheresting while shoppin around. In the middle of the streets, Adidas was holding a street soccer man. Not that I have not seen a soccer match before..But the two teams that was playing was an all female team against an all male team. A lot of ppl were watching the game. U thought gals can dribble? U thought the gals can do a trick move? U thought the gals cant tackle hard? U think they can take tough tackles by the boys? Well..Think again..THey were controlling the match. Very high pace and greats skills from the gals..THey were ala brazilian chics..And man..When they tackle ..They tackle HARD! Hahahah THey didnt won the match..BUt neither the men. IT was a 0-0 game..But the gals forced some good saves from the mens’ side keeper. Boy..The guys were relieved when the game ended..Hahaha..Given another 10 mins..It would have been a different ending..

Girls in red. Guys in green

The keeper..She did well too..

Takin a shot!

Camera trick with fading hands and head..:P

Wisma Atria

They had a Meet Spidey session

Happy after shopping

The Shopping session actually went on until 11 pm. We visited the newly opened shopping complex Vivocity too. NICe views..Had a bit of Mutiara DAmansara curve feeling. But me and Yee Woon was too dead tired..Almost slept on the dock..Kekekekek. WEnt back to JB and had a great supper. Kekekeke I ll try to get those pictures later.

The next day..Before returning to KL..We woke up at 10.30 am. Kekekeke. We went to Anderson’s customer home to pass him some gifts. Had a great chance to be up close and personal with a HArley Davidson..Nice bike..He even on-ed the engine and let us hear the exhaust roaring away..Definately a must have when I get loaded one day.

The Ultimate Bike

Yee Woon and HArley

Anderson and the owner of the Harley

Before we left for KL..We went for JB Bak Kut Teh.. UNlike KL style..Jb style seems to be clearer and less ‘toxic’. Hehehehe..NIce! Also had a nice ‘man kai yuk’. Very very tasty!


Lovey dovey!

Lovey dovey too..Cos ‘sek pay cho’

Happy cos finally went to SG..HEheheheh

~ by beyond on June 4, 2007.

One Response to “Visit to Singapore”

  1. I am so happy that you had such a great time with your friends in Singapore.

    I wish some day that you can convince your Mom to accompany you to Singapore.

    Aunt Tammy
    Ottawa, Canada.

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